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A highly important component of ancient Maya religious thought is divination. In this the Maya are basically no different from other civilizations. Here is a review of divination in various world cultures as a preface to Maya Divination proper.
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The world's oldest oracle texts appear to be preserved in the palm-leaf libraries of India, written in an ancient form of Tamil, a Dravidian language of Madras state and of northern and eastern Ceylon.

The prophecies concern the lifelines and life expectancies for each man and woman and are designed to help manage their present incarnations successfully.

The legendary author of the prophetic texts is Brighu a mythological hero from the Mahabharata epic, who is said to have lived around 5000 B.C.

The palm leaves of India shown here are inscribed with the alleged lifelines of 80.000 individuals, about 10 % of them westerners.

There still exist about 12 palm-leaf-libraries in present day India which may be consulted in a Nadi-reading for what Fate has up her sleeves for present day man and woman in their present incarnations.

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