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Scholarly Excursions into the World of the Ancient Maya of Yucatan

Excursion 1 - K'ABAH - UX-MAL
Kabah Yucatan

Depart from Mérida in the early morning. Start at Kabah and continue the excursion at Uxmal. Lunch at beautifully restored colonial Hacienda Ochil. Return to Mérida.

Uxmal Yucatan
Excursion 2 - SAY-IL - X-LAB-PAK - LAB-NA
Sayil Yucatan

Depart from Mérida in the early morning. Start at Sayil and continue excursion at X-Labpak and Labna. Lunch at one of the beautiful rural Maya towns of Oxkutzcab, Ticul or Muna. Return to Mérida.

Labna Yucatan
Chichen Itza Yucatan

Excursion to Chichén Itzá, the Holy City of ancient Yucatán, with a descent to the underground sanctuary of nearby Balankanche as an additional option. Lunch at Chichen Itzá. Return to Mérida.

Balankanche Yucatan
Excursion 4 - EK' BALAM and CULUBA
Ek Balam Yucatan

Excursion to the exciting archaeological site of Ek' Balam, then on to charming small colonial town of Tizimin for lunch. Continue to newly excavated Culuba. Return to Mérida.

Ek Balam Yucatan
Acanceh Yucatan

Depart from Mérida in the early morning. Guided tour to the newly excavated archaeological sites of Acanceh and Mayapán. Snack at Tecoh. Visit the awesome cenote Noh Mosón. Return to Mérida.

Excursion 6 - DZIB-IL CHAL-TUN / X-CAMBO
Dzibilchaltun Yucatan

Depart from Mérida in the early morning. Guided visit of local museum and archeological zone of Dzibilchaltun. Continue to X-Cambo and the saltbeds of Laguna Colorada. Lunch at fisher-village of Chicxulub Puerto. Return to Mérida.

X-Cambo Yucatan

     Each excursion was designed for the length of one day. Excursions may be conducted on successive days but not combined on one single day. If more than one excursion was desired, we suggest a sequence along the lines indicated by the excursion numbers.

     Our guides are two scholars who graduated from the University of Bonn, Germany, which is the leading European academic institution in the field of Maya research. Both have done investigations on the Yucatán Maya. Our service covers excursions conducted by these scholars only and are, therefore, limited to two per month. Languages are: English, German, and Spanish.

     Accommodations, transportation, and meals will have to be paid for separately by our guests. Excursions will commence at a hotel in Mérida or at some location in its immediate vicinity. We recommend that our visitors arrange for accommodations and transportation in Mérida from their home countries.

     Prices: The price for an excursion is USD $300,-- for the first, second, and third day and USD $250,-- for any additional day. Students and scholars receive discounts up to 50 % on regular prices, please inquire by Email. This price covers the excursion only, it does not include transportation, meals, admission to the archaeological zones or any other type of service. We ask our guests to, please, pay in cash (USD or equivalent in Mexican Pesos).

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     The Maya Stela: To commemorate your visit to the world of the Maya of Yucatán we offer you a personalized Maya Stela. Please click here to view.

     Maya Art of the finest: Beautiful pieces of art reflecting the contents and forms of classic Maya sculpture, genuinely crafted in natural stone, to include jade, and done in the world famous quality and tradition of the gem cutters of Idar-Oberstein / Germany may be ordered from: http://hometown.aol.de/mshwagner/homepage/firma.html

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