The Maya World Studies Center

The Maya World Studies Center (MWSC) [Centro de Estudios del Mundo Maya SCP] is a multidisciplinary research association whose objective is the study of the Maya and to spread their knowledge. The Center uses all available media to reach the world community and especially the Maya population. In addition to its research, the MWSC organizes and presents conferences / seminars / tours related to Maya culture.

The Maya World Studies Center is based in Mérida, Yucatán, México but materials in this website also come from contributors in other parts of the world.

Periodically the Maya World Studies Center publishes books, pamphlets, calendars, posters and other products resulting from it's research in order to make widely available the knowledge of the ancient Maya. The MWSC provides these original printed products as one way to allocate funds to carry on its projects. Please review them and if you would like us to mail you any of them use our order form.

We thank you for visiting this website, you may use our guest book to leave your comments or to let us know of materials you would like us to include as we add on to it. Enjoy!